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Short-Term Business Loan

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It’s never an easy decision to make – getting a loan for your business. As the business owner, you are aware of the obligations that you have to carry with an approved business loan application. But when business circumstances dictate a need to find a business cash flow solution, Bizcash is the right company to approach.

Bizcash provides small businesses with a quick solution to address any cash flow problems. Bizcash looks at effective and workable solutions that would help your business gain access to speedy funding at the least possible cost.
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We at Bizcash are committed to providing assistance to small businesses by providing you the opportunity to access cash when you need it

This is done through a short-term business loan – a perfect tool that can inject money to your small business’ financial needs. Our short-term business loan at Bizcash is designed to assist your business in purchasing new stock or increasing your inventory, to take advantage of an opportunity that may present or to keep the cash needed for daily operational needs and working capital.

Our goal goes beyond having your business loan approved. We at Bizcash look forward to seeing your business grow. Our goal is to provide you with a credit facility that gives you access to the funds when you need it.

One of the most common business aspects covered by business loan is payroll and other administrative expenses.

Easy-Steps Online Application


You don’t have to worry about the stress of applying for a short term business loan. Bizcash’s professional team is ready to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the loan.

Our goal is to provide a simple no fuss financial solution to our clients that meet their financial needs.

Approaching banks or other lenders may not provide the same convenient terms offered by us.

Our loan application process reduces the typical red tape and hassle of a typical bank loan application.

Bizcash can provide the required funds within a 24-hour as we do not require the enormous amount of information that businesses usually go through with bank loan applications.

What We at Bizcash Offer

Bizcash is without a doubt your reliable partner in business financing. We respond to businesses in need of on-the-spot financing. Bizcash is ready to assist you in paying unplanned expenses or bridging your working capital as and when required.

Our loan amount ranges from $1,000 up to $10,000 with easy and flexible repayment terms of one week to five years. We offer completely flexible loan terms depending on the loan amount and business circumstances.

Whenever a need for urgent cash arises to help your business, we will discuss your specific needs and circumstances thoroughly to be able to find a suitable financing solution for your business. Worry not about paperwork. Our approach is making it easy and convenient for you and your business.

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