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Small Business Loans

Instead of a traditional bank loan, we give business owners the option to have an alternative source of funding that goes beyond traditional loan options for small businesses.

Short-Term Business Loans

Our short-term business loan at Bizcash is designed to assist your business in purchasing new stock or increasing your inventory, to take advantage of an opportunity that may present or to keep the cash needed for daily operational needs and working capital.

Commercial Business Loans

Bizcash’s commercial business loan is a unique yet versatile type of loan designed to help small businesses with their financing needs. Due to the endless financing needs of small business, our company offers commercial loans for small businesses which can be used for financing machinery, equipment or increasing stock and inventory.

Business Loans for Bad Credit

We strongly believe that a previous credit problem should not affect you ability to borrow funds. A record of bad credit does not automatically prevent us from finding a suitable short-term cash loan to address your cash flow problems. With due diligence, we are able to work out a flexible loan repayment terms. Clients with bad credit are not isolated but are treated with the same respect as clients with good credit.

We got four types of business loans fit for small businesses – Small Business, Short-Term, Commercial Business Loans and Loans for Bad Credit. Choose your loan now and apply.
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