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Power Up Your Business With Mobile Payment Apps

Time is money. When you wait, you lose money. Invoicing creates bureaucracy and doubt over when and how entrepreneurs will be paid. This uncertainty causes worry about cash flow.  But with today’s mobile world, business automatically and instantly receives payment the moment the work is done through mobile payment apps. …

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Tapping Into Revolving Credit

One way to borrow money from banks in Australia is by applying for a revolving credit. In contrast to a loan which is an example of a closed-end credit, revolving credit is an open-end credit.  In a closed-end credit, the borrower and the lender agrees on the amount of money …

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GST Explained

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax – a form of broad-based tax imposed on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia. The tax rate is 10%. This tax system was introduced and implemented on 1 July 2000 by the Howard government to replace the Federal …

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Australia’s Online Lending Platforms

Need a bank loan for your business but don’t have any collateral as security for the loan? Many business owners in Australia find themselves in a similar situation or circumstance. Some owners are presented with a hard-to-resist business expansion opportunity but couldn’t seize it for lack of cash funding.   The …

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The Tax Benefits From Business Loans

Aside from being an inevitable part of running a business, business loans provide yet another benefit for the business owner – tax benefits. Under Australia’s tax laws for businesses, the general rule is that any expense incurred related to carrying out the business is tax deductible. For as long as …

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Culprits-of-Business-Overcharging -- Bizcash Australia
Culprits of Business Overcharging

While every small business venture has different situations, looking for areas where cost reduction is possible is a common business theme. There’s only one common goal businesses has, that is to earn income either by selling their products or by doing professional services. The question is, are you really spending …

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Difficulties-Faced-By-Small-Businesses -- Bizcash Australia
Difficulties Faced By Small Businesses

Australia has a growing economy and nobody can deny the impact and contribution of small businesses in the country’s good economic standing. These small businesses or startups represent 50% of the employment and 30% of local production in the private sector. In spite of the growing economy, business survival has …

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Bizcash Australia -- Ways Small Business Owner Can Deal With Late Payments
Ways Small Business Owner Can Deal With Late Payments

It’s no secret to every business owner that they will encounter late payments in their operation. Since cash flow is one of the most important aspects of every business operation, properly dealing with late payments to ensure that every account receivable is immediately converted to cash is crucial. Organisations need …

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Bizcash Australia -- Expenses Small Businesses Can Pass On To Clients
Expenses Small Businesses Can Pass On To Clients

The importance of cash flow for small businesses cannot be overemphasised. More often than not, when small business owners experience financial shortfall, their basic instinct tells them to cut on overhead expenses. Should you cut on manpower, electricity, training costs, or marketing expenses? Not too fast! Think again before you …

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Expectation vs Reality Of A Small Business Loan -- Bizcash Australia
Expectation vs. Reality Of A Small Business Loan

The world of small business can be daunting to look at from the world outside-in. This is especially true as there is more pressure to succeed in a very competitive world while starting small. This also plays true in small business lending. There’s so many expectations that are either long …

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