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The Difference of Private Lending Firm From Banking Institutions

The Australian finance market has three main types of financial institutions, namely: Authorized Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs), and Non-ADI Financial Institutions, Insurers and Funds Managers. Under ADIs are banks, building societies and credit unions. On the other hand, non-ADI financial institutions are money market corporations (merchant banks), finance companies (including general …

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Benefits of Small Business Loan - Bizcash Australia
Benefits of Small Business Loan

It’s not uncommon for many small business entrepreneurs in Australia to reach a point in their start-up operations when they need to look for external source of funding to keep the business afloat. In fact, business entrepreneurs from other countries face the same challenge in the course of operating their …

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How Short-Term Business Loans Work

Anyone who has the desire to shape a better future for themself and their family will definitely come to a point of thinking to start their own small business. And a lot of people find it as the most exciting and rewarding experiences one could ever have in their lifetime. …

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Do Not Use Your Credit Card In Growing Your Business - Bizcash Australia
Do Not Use Your Credit Card In Growing Your Business

When cash flow becomes tight, many business owners tend to utilise credit cards. Whether to ensure that operational costs like telephone, electricity and water bills are covered or to provide additional funds to the diminishing cash of the business, relying on credit cards may offer more cons than pros. What …

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How To Qualify For Asset Based Loan - Bizcash Australia
How To Qualify For Asset Based Loan

Asset-based loans are usually short-term, usually lasting up to 12 months. They are called revolving credit facilities which means, a lender and a borrower agrees on a maximum lending limit based on the borrower’s assets. Helpful Article: Tapping Into Revolving Credit An asset-based loan uses a business’ assets or the …

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Business Gains From Short-term Loan - Bizcash Australia
Business Gains from Short-term Loan

The only way to be competitive in this day and age of business is by making sure that your business is liquid and that you have enough resources to sustain your business and be aggressive enough to venture into unique and unexplored niches. If you are short of financial resources, …

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Redeeming Yourself As A Business

Have you ever been caught in a situation where no supplier or vendors are willing to extend credit facilities for your business because of your past history of delinquency in paying obligations? That would be a very bad situation because the revenue that you derive from your business is what …

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Why You Should Consider Business Loan Over Investments

In starting up a business, there are certain things to consider. You must have a business plan to serve as your guide in operating your projected business efficiently. You need to conduct due diligence in terms of the viability of the business in relation to the location and the primary …

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Power Up Your Business With Mobile Payment Apps

Time is money. When you wait, you lose money. Invoicing creates bureaucracy and doubt over when and how entrepreneurs will be paid. This uncertainty causes worry about cash flow.  But with today’s mobile world, business automatically and instantly receives payment the moment the work is done through mobile payment apps. …

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Tapping Into Revolving Credit

One way to borrow money from banks in Australia is by applying for a revolving credit. In contrast to a loan which is an example of a closed-end credit, revolving credit is an open-end credit.  In a closed-end credit, the borrower and the lender agrees on the amount of money …

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