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About Us

Who are we?

Bizcash is defined by a long-term commitment to provide our customers with undeniably the most credible and reliable lending services in the country.

Catering to the needs of small Australian businesses, Bizcash offers professional and reputable lending solutions and options that would meet the financial needs of the business. Our primary goal is to provide assistance to small businesses in Australia to get the funds they require when they need it.

What makes Bizcash different from the traditional lending and financial institutions and banks, is our no nonsense approach in serving our clients’ financial needs. We strictly observe our established policies and go by the rules, ensuring that every step has been explained in simple and clear terms. Regardless if it’s a small business needing start-up capital or additional funds to purchase new business equipment, Bizcash addresses these needs. Our priority at Bizcash is to provide our clients with the best, workable and flexible funding solutions and options for their business.

It’s important for every business to stay afloat and competitive and Bizcash is fully aware of this. We exert all efforts to help our clients with an efficient, fast and workable lending solution.

Bizcash takes pride in having a team of professional staff with unquestionable experience and expertise ready to guide and assist our clients through the entire lending process. Our workforce at Bizcash provides professional service with passion and commitment to finding the best financing options for our clients.

What We at Bizcash Offer

For small business loans that are needed to keep a business running smoothly, Bizcash offers fast and easy loans from $1,000 up to $10,000. Business loans that require higher amounts are considered upon request.

In order to take the burden of repayment off the business, Bizcash offers flexible repayment options that range from 1 week to 5 years, as determined by the loan amount and terms. Bizcash understand clients have different needs. Some require urgent cash for a short term while others need operational funds on a longer term. Repayment terms and options will be discussed thoroughly with the client to determine what is suitable for the business.

Bizcash provides clients with access to a 5-year line of credit. Clients who have been approved for a loan amount and have made partial or full payment of the loan amount can access the amount without going through a new application process. Loyal and good-standing clients enjoy this benefit anytime the need for cash arises.

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Bizcash also offers secured and unsecured loans. Repayment terms for these two loan types vary. As it is our priority to maintain flexibility in the loan repayment terms, we offer our clients the option to pay the minimum, or more than the minimum amount depending on the business’s cash flow. Choosing to repay more than the minimum amount will pay the loan off in a quicker time frame and save your interest.

Bizcash also offers equal opportunity to clients regardless of their credit rating. While most lenders do not consider clients with bad credit, Bizcash fully understands you may have had some financial problems in the past so we are more focused on what you are doing currently, not what you have done in the past. When other lenders refuse to assist, Bizcash will look at your current situation. As a client-oriented company, Bizcash offers equal opportunity to clients, even those with a bad credit rating.